About WI

The 21st century is the age of Internet and World Wide Web. The Web revolutionizes the way we gather, process, and use information. At the same time, it also redefines the meanings and processes of business, commerce, marketing, finance, publishing, education, research, development, as well as other aspects of our daily life. Although individual Web-based information systems are constantly being deployed, advanced issues and techniques for developing and for benefiting from Web intelligence still remain to be systematically studied.

Broadly speaking, Web Intelligence (WI) exploits AI and advanced information technology on the Web and Internet. It is the key and the most urgent research field of IT for business intelligence.

WI Systems and Applications

Knowledge Networks and Management
Ubiquitous Computing
and Social Network Intelligence
Intelligent Human-Web Interaction
Web Information Management
Web Information Retrieval
Web Agents
Web Mining and Farming
Emerging Web Technology